Stop asking the air

Forgive me for a bit of a rant today, but .. yes, it needs to be said.

How often do you hear this kind of conversation?

  1. Peter says, “I heard that dogs cannot see colour. Do you think that’s true?” and John answers, “Yeah … good question, dude. I wondered about that too!” And they munch away at their burgers and sip their drinks.
  2. Jane says, “We’re thinking of a holiday in New Zealand” and Sarah says, “Wow, cool!” And Jane says, “I wish I could learn to speak a bit of Maori.” And Sarah says, “Yeah. That would be cool.” Jane sighs and says, “They really should create an app for that, you know” and Sarah paints her nails and says, “Yeah, that would be cool. They really should.”
  3. Mrs Baird licks her ice cream and says, “Yum! Love this!” and Mr Baird licks his ice cream and says, “Yeah, it’s great.” After a few more licks, Mrs Baird says, “I wonder what the weirdest ice cream flavor could be.” And Mr Baird says, “Yes, I wonder.” And they lick a bit more.

This. Drives. Me. Nuts.



It’s right there.

[clickable memorandum]

  1. “Can dogs see color?”
  2. Learn to speak Maori
  3. “12 Strange-But-Real Ice Cream Flavors”

Do people who still ask questions and ignore the whole world of free information out there … do they really want the answers?

Or am I just a nerd for asking?

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