Google Keep

Google Keep is a note-taking app. It’s super-easy and you can type a note, write it with a stylus or your finger on a touch screen, take a photo, or even record a short message, which is then typed on your screen.

I love this app and use it all the time. It’s especially useful because it’s also available on my laptop, saves notes automatically, and syncs between my smartphone and my laptop.

Have a look!

Android app on the Google Play Store here.


Web-based version that runs in your browser here.


Look at the YouTube video below to see how it works:

About the author

lalien2Lalien Cilliers. Project Manager. Content Development Manager. eLearning Developer & ICT Trainer [MIITP]. Website creator and social media pager. Helping others learn tough stuff the easy way. Eternally curious. Author of: 9 things you should know … if you ever want to become a manager: The New Manager series and A Guy’s Guide: New Home: How to Find and Furnish Your Own Place


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