Jing (by Techsmith)

I simply love this little app and use it nearly daily. It runs on my laptop and I’ve set up a keyboard shortcut to instantly take a screenshot of whatever I want on my screen and save it as a PNG.

The reason why I love it so much, is that you can capture a screenshot, and then annotate it by drawing arrows, boxes and textboxes. It’s the easiest way to “discuss” something on your screen … I grab a screenshot and email or WhatsApp it to a team member.

You can also do short screencasts (videos of what is happening on your screen).

This is a web-based app that runs in your browser and you can download it here.


Look at the YouTube video below to see how it works:

About the author

lalien2Lalien Cilliers. Project Manager. Content Development Manager. eLearning Developer & ICT Trainer [MIITP]. Website creator and social media pager. Helping others learn tough stuff the easy way. Eternally curious. Author of: 9 things you should know … if you ever want to become a manager: The New Manager series and A Guy’s Guide: New Home: How to Find and Furnish Your Own Place


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