LinkedIn sounds quite serious and says, that I am involved in …

Digitising printed textbooks and enhancing with audiovisual materials; creation of digital teaching and learning materials. Synergies with various role players in the digital market, cross-platform. Also: Creating all things digital at Via Afrika means exciting digital content for learners and teachers alike.

Facebook says,

Lalien Cilliers is a writer and a linguist. Sometimes she also creates digital content. She loves Afrikaans, and works easily in English as well. And then merrily gives my writing site. http://www.laliencilliers.wordpress.com

YouTube waxes lyrical,

I am a writer and a linguist. With a non-fiction book and about twenty textbooks under the belt, I am raring to go with ePublishing and will keep you up to date with my online journey. In the evenings and over weekends I love the precision of translation and proofreading, or the creative joy of writing. During the day I work on content development for educational eBooks and can honestly say that I love my job. Afrikaans is the language of my heart, but I work constantly and joyfully in English as well.

Twitter is typically short and sweet,

Lalien is a writer and a linguist. She works in English or Afrikaans.

And Pinterest?

Well, Pinterest lets my 48+ boards do the talking.

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